Happy Passover / Good Friday!

Why is Passover Significant to the Jewish Culture?

To the Jewish culture it marks the day that God delivered them from the last of the plagues the Egyptians experienced in which the angel of death passed over all the Hebrew homes whose doorposts were sprinkled with the blood of the lamb that God had them prepare for their passover meal.  This was to be the last day of their 400 year captivity of slavery to the Egyptians.

Why is Passover Significant to a Christian?

To the Christian, this is the day that Jesus became the final and ultimate sacrificial lamb when He took all our sins upon Himself, paying the price in full with His life for them all when He was nailed to the cross, thereby, reconciling us back to God, the Father.  He even spoke the words, “It is finished!”  Wow!  Imagine having a God who dies for you.  Amazingly beautiful story and history, we have.  The best part, all who believe can be pardoned from their sins.  It’s as simple as that.  Even one of the criminals who was crucified along side Jesus turned to Him and said, “Remember me when You come into Your kingdom.”  And Jesus said, “Today you will be with me in paradise.”  

Lord, I pray for America and the world.; I pray that this Passover marks the end of our enslavement to the central banking system and to the end of the tyranny of the cabal --- for the sake of the children.   Amen.