What is the ACT of 1871?

U.S. Corporation Now in Bankruptcy

Did you know that in 1871, congress signed over our U. S. Sovereignty to England and the Vatican in a secret agreement? We were only sovereign and free from England for 95 years before this happened. And here, all this time we’ve been celebrating our independence from England year after year.  This is why they do not want us to know our history.  I hope you keep reading.

What Transpired With The Act of 1871?

As a result of the Act of 1871, the United States For America became a corporation with a name change to the United States Of America, and congress adapted, in secret, a second constitution under Vatican rule, usurping our original constitution of 1776.  We the People of the U.S. became commodities and have been paying taxes to England and the Vatican ever since.  Washington D.C. became foreign owned and was until 2020.  

England became the banking system, controlling most of the world’s money; D.C. was to be the military branch, and the Vatican was calling the shots. I call it the trifecta of the New World Order. Is this why Americans always seem to be fighting everybody else’s wars?

The English banking system, starting with ‘air’ money, devised a way to take people’s real money by creating credit with high interest rates. Credit equals money in their pocket, but means enslavement for us. They replaced their ‘air’ money with our hard earned cash.  Is that why - when we buy ourselves a home, we have to buy the banker two homes?  Just saying... 

About every 50 years, give or take, the bankers run low on our funds and need to replenish, so they start wars. Why? Wars are quite lucrative for them because wars need weapons, so the bankers provide weapons for both sides of the war that they created.

How Are We Affected Today By the Act of 1871?  

The 2016 election was about the time a war or something major was necessary to replenish the English banking coffers -- but she lost. They were so shocked - after all, they cheated even then, but that's another story!  Trump won instead, and he didn’t start any wars.  He also reversed bad trade agreements that stole money and jobs from our country.  In addition, President Trump put a stop on giving our money to Vatican/English Bank ’causes,' which put their banking system in jeopardy these past 5 years. Now the new admin, which I call the 'b' team, are leaders of  the now defunct, bankrupt D.C. Corporation. Does this bankruptcy stop them? No!  Now they want to give illegal aliens a monthly check like social security and provide them with free housing and health care.  Guess who pays for that, folks!  Didn't he talk about raising taxes?  Nothing like increasing the national debt!

Based on all my research, I believe the New World Order plan was for Hillary to become president.  She would start a major - maybe nuclear - war, bring in the New World Order, and require us to relinquish ownership of all our property and rights for this one world dictatorship.  Whew! Thank you God that she didn't win! This is the closest I’ve ever seen us get to the Tribulation that the Bible describes!  

What Happened on May 4th, 2020?

There is reason to be encouraged! Remember when he was inaugurated in 2017, President Trump said he was giving our country back to the people?  On May 4th, 2020, as the 45th President, he filed bankruptcy papers on the United States Corporation, thereby ending the corporation and the Act of 1871,  giving the United States For America and our original Constitution back to We the People — all with God’s help!

That's why I say:  Keep the faith America! We are still One Nation Under God!  And He is on our side!

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