Color, Communism And Common Sense: Manning Johnson...

Explosive Video Must Watch -- 1968

Who Is Manning Johnson? He might as well have been a prophet reading from today's headlines.
imageManning Johnson, a black man, was a former communist. As amazing as this may seem, he was recruited into the Communist Party by the retired Bishop of his Episcopal Church, which shows the level of communist infiltration of the churches.

He will mentally set everyone free with the truth and his accounts. We all see the problem, but few look to understand one of the main roots perpetuating the problem. In those days the party was called Communist. The infiltration of other parties started before the Communist Control Act of 1954; but these days, the communists ... See video above or...

Read his Book online: Color, Communism And Common Sense:

“And let us pray and work, that the misunderstanding, the bitterness, the hate, and the frustration and the tension that exists may disappear and that the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Charity may prevail again amongst our people.”  - Manning Johnson

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