Please Pray for the Citizens of Cuba!

Please Pray for Cuban citizens!!!  They are standing up against the tyrannical dictatorial socialism/communism that they have been living under since the Castro regime took control decades ago.

When a regime like this takes control, they confiscate all the wealth, telling people that everyone will be equal and love it.  Wrong!  The communist regime takes all the people's wealth, including homes, cars, etc., and the regime becomes the wealthy and the people become the destitute!

Want to stand in line for a bag of rice or a roll of toilet paper?  Do you want to go to a store that only carries packages of the exact same item?  Better get there before it runs out! 

Read more and see more video on Gateway Pundit from writers: Jim Hoft July 12, 2021 and Cristina Laila, July 11, 2021

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