National day of Prayer: May 6th, 2021 

    A. Clarion Call

    National Day of Prayer: May 6th, 2021 

    Dear God, King of the Universe, Creator of Heaven and earth, Alpha and Omega:  thank You for hearing our prayer. You said that whatever we ask in Jesus name, you will do. This is our prayer:

    In Your name Jesus, we call forth a miracle turn around from this satanic/ communistic new world order coup on our country and globally.  We ask that all media and election fraud and lies be exposed for their complicity in treason and insurrection against our country;  we ask that all pedophiles be exposed and that all crimes against humanity be brought to justice.  We call forth the immediate removal of mind-blinding spirits from all areas of society; so that from this day forward, people will see clearly the deception that is taking place and perpetrated through media.  We say - No More!  You can not blind, gag, cause deafness, nor dummy down our children, youth and adults.

    We also ask for Your protection, Lord, upon all who have taken the vaccine, which is in an experimental stage.  We say No to the cabal whose mission it is to destroy humanity.  We ask that Your mighty warring angels, Lord, be dispatched to take down all these nefarious entities that plan on destroying mankind. Let Your glory shine Lord throughout America and the world.  May the harvest be in the billions!  It is in Jesus’ name we pray on this 70th year— National Day of Prayer, May 6th, 2021!