The Globalists Think They Have Won!

Do you see how many leaders are trying to mandate an experimental vaccine on the entire global population?

 In Their Own Words
Could we be going through a Jonestown Kool-Aid training?  The migrants in Jonestown under a religious fanatic practiced taking the poisoned kool-aid.  They actually practiced the drill on different occasions before it finally happened.  Likewise, If you read my blogs and news/archives titledIn Their Own Words, you will see that, today, a small but wealthy group of evil people have planned to murder billions.  They will accomplish this in a number of ways:  vaccines, viruses, nuclear wars, starvation, famines, and executions.  Let’s not forget, they already have a strong hold on abortions, as well as sex-trafficked missing children, in which it is being revealed , are being used for torture and murder in satanic rituals.  

With the stolen election in America, the globalists' think they have won and are implementing their plans, quickly.  They are trying to mandate vaccine passports where only vaccinated people can travel, eat in restaurants, buy/sell, etc., etc.  By the way, why should someone be allowed a patent for the virus and then be allowed to have a patent on the vaccine?  Sound a little fishy?  That's what's happening!  God says, "Do not fear!"  I believe that just as God helped Israel against pharaoh at the Red Sea, He will help us against the cabal at this crossroad.  The only accomplishment the cabal has made is to reveal who they are.  And the election of 2020?  It will go down as the biggest sting operation in American history.  Through Christ all things are possible.

Are you in agreement with this lockstep muzzle up, no visiting family, no group gatherings, no speaking your own mind,  no singing, no standing close to others, no taking meds that kill the virus, no work order, no leaving your house?  If you say yes, you will probably be fine with the New World Order. 

All in all, I’m glad we’re getting a glimpse of the New World Order, and this glimpse of it can be a blessing in disguise --as this is a precursor to the Great Tribulation.  You won't want to be here for the tribulation.  Yet, at this moment, everyone still has a chance to escape this imminent time on the earth.  I hope it wakes-up every person on this planet.  The reality is that the New World Order is an evil satanic plan, and the Bible has told us about it beforehand.

Did you know that at least 1/3 of the Bible is prophesy?  All the biblical prophecies have been fulfilled except the ones we have begun to see unfold before our eyes, today.  The Bible tells us that they (talking of evil) will form a one-world government, with a one-world leader (the beast, the anti-Christ), and a one-world religion. They will have a money-system that will be enabled by the mark of the beast which will be placed on one’s forehead or right hand.  No one will be able to buy or sell who does not have the mark. There will be major disasters, famine, and death.  A large part of the population, plants, and life in the ocean will be destroyed.  

The evil plan has been exposed, more so recently, and I have shared much of my research with you in blogs and news/archivesPlease refer to my links in blogs and News/Archives titled: In Their Own Words, and see a few quotes outlined in News/Archives.  The plan for our destruction has been in play for generations.  The perpetrators are satanists.  They know God is real, but they reject Him and choose evil instead.  They know their destination, and they want us to follow them to hell.  They are completely opposite of what Jesus teaches as truth.  How many genders do they have now?

They use mind-control through main-stream media, Hollywood, music, sex, and drugs to go after your mind. They have mastered the art of repetition while invoking fear to convince us that hatred is a good thing and what is right is bad.  Here is a clue:  Anyone teaching hatred of what is good and praising what is bad is not your friend.  They are manipulating your mind.  Their constant disparaging of President Trump is a good example.  Please see my blog: What About This Bothered You?  Here's another clue: mainstream media is owned by this satanic cabal - a diet of hatred can not make one sweet and loving.

If you want big government to be solely responsible for your well being with promises of free this, free that, free money if you stay home and don’t work -- you are setting yourself up to go into the submission and control of a tyrannical reign of evil.  The Bible describes such a tyrannical reign during the Tribulation in the last book called The Revelation of Jesus Christ.  The great Tribulation is at the door, and it is for those who reject Jesus, thereby, believing the lie and choosing to follow evil.

I pray everyone opens their eyes and chooses wisely, today, as no one is promised tomorrow in this earthly state; but Jesus promises life eternal, and it is in His name, I pray.  Amen!

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