America Under Siege! Part 2

America Under Siege:  Wake Up!  Part 2

A violent overthrow of our country was solidified with the theft of the 2020 election.  Many people were upset and many others were just set up, whether knowingly or not, to be participants in the insurrection, sedition, and treasonous  coup on our government and communist overthrow of our country.  

I believe, theft of our elections has been occurring for decades.  I know I had been given a sharpie to fill out my ballot before, and again, on November 3rd; I was unaware that my ballot would automatically be thrown out.  

The 2016 election was also rigged, as Clinton was declared the automatic winner by all media and polls before the election.  How can anyone be guaranteed this win?  The answer is because they had a proven method for stealing elections.  California should be audited, as I suspect they’ve been the role model for this type of fraud.  Yet, the deep state was shocked; they just didn’t expect the popularity of Donald J. Trump whose platform We, The People, wanted which said no to big government; no to wasteful government spending; no to fighting wars around the world; no to government funded abortions; no to government control of welfare, education, and healthcare; no to importing everything, and no to much much more.  The Hillary team just didn’t cheat enough and were taken by a complete surprise when their algorithms just weren’t prepared for the surge of the DJT voters. Their plans to start a war and then surrender America over to our enemies had changed with DJT’s win.  God gave us more time.

So, what did they do?  The cabal went way overboard in defrauding the 2020 election and installed Biden and his accomplices illegally.  They were sloppy, made many mistakes; many of which were videotaped and many more were tracked by a super computer system with eyes. Surprise!  All of this is being exposed daily.

With this theft and the installation of a bad apple, a satanic New World Order Marxist system was implemented.  This illegal admin surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban, leaving people and billions of dollars in equipment for our enemies to own. Our borders were surrendered to everyone, which gives a high probability of including enemy militias with boots now on our soil.  Congress is trying to pass bills that cripple our debt ceiling and that legalize election fraud. They are passing bills to legally dismember babies up to the time of and after birth in all states.  CA governor Newsom passed a bill that children do not have to tell parents of sex changes, and critical race theory is being taught to all students.  They are trying to make toxic experimental vaccines mandatory, which we know thousands have died from and which are part of reducing the population to about 500 million as outlined in Project 2021 and Project 2030 of the globalist, aka, satanist forum.  Have you figured out yet that this movement is satanic?  Are you awake yet?