What is a harvest? 

It is a time when crops are fully ripe and ready to be picked. It is this time when good food is separated from the bad; as in the wheat from the tares, or  the good fish from the bad fish before they are sent to market.

Jesus gave us a parable about this in Math. 13:24-30.  “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field; 25 but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way." There was a farmer who planted his crop, but during the night, others went in and planted tares which are fake wheat.  The farmer’s helpers wanted to pluck out the weeds, but the farmer said if they pluck them out now, they are likely to pull up the good plants as well, so he decided to let the weeds and wheat grow together.  Come harvest time, they would separate the good from the bad.

As I look around, it seems to me that a harvest is taking place with mankind.  Never before have I seen  such a dividing of lines, and each person is deciding to which side he/she belongs.  The choice is — God or anti-God; there is no more middle ground.

How Do People Decide?  

God says He placed before us a blessing and a curse, and we are to choose.  He then goes on to say:   “Choose life!”

What is life?  It would include things living, such as people, words, thoughts, and actions that encourage, lift up, and exhort.

I believe one of the foundational keys to know which side you are on is your stance on abortion and the missing children.  How can destroying the life of innocent babies be Godly?  What about concern for the missing children?  Every year millions of children go missing around the world.  Last year in America, alone, it was 800,000 that disappeared, and globally, it's in the millions. 

We are in the midst of  a satanic communistic take over of America and the world -- by the rich globalists/cabal/secret society members whose agenda it is to prick God in the eye and destroy mankind, taking all the wealth for themselves. Read my blogs: “In Their Own Words” and “What is Agenda 21/2030" for more information.

What is being revealed is that these rich globalists, the cabal, are likely the ones financing: riots, mass shootings, open borders, politicians who will do their bidding, control of media who now spew hatred, racism and fear, human trafficking, and crimes against humanity, especially on our children — so evil that I will not go into it here.  These crimes against humanity are being exposed more and more.  People are becoming aware, but my purpose today is to talk about the harvest.  

In this moment there is still time to choose the Lord and walk in His way, as He has not yet closed that door.  Everyone is welcome to come unto Him.  

What happens when the door is closed?

Bible scholars believe that the next event in God’s timeline is the Rapture of the church, the pulling away of believers and the Holy Spirit from the earth.  That’s when the door closes and there will be great distress upon the earth.   Yet, those who remain can still choose God, but they will go through the tribulation which is the wrath of God upon non-believers.  This is the time when God will allow evil to have their way on the earth.  You don’t want to be here.  

I pray you choose to accept the pardon and the salvation that Jesus Christ died to give us.  He took our place on the cross, so we wouldn’t have to.  There is no greater love, nor a more powerful God than He who died for us, then resurrected from the dead.  Choose life my dear family and friends while it is still day.  From my heart to yours.

With love.


    • Sign of the Times...

      Great statement A. Clarion Call.  "...The choice is — God or anti-God;..."

      What is anti-God?

      God lives in eternity - sin did not exist at creation. God created all things perfect without sin, all the angels with free-will, the light, separating the waters and firmament, and the heavens and earth. He also created Lucifer the anointed cherub with great beauty and power over all the other created angels, until Lucifer desired to be worshiped like the Most High God. In an organized attempt to influence the other angels to worship him, his iniquity became Sin and he became the Father of Lies as he convinced one third of the angles to rebel against God. All were banished from the presence of the most High God with a most severe coming judgment and punishment. Lucifer is Not Equal With God.

      The Two Greatest Lies and Iniquity of Lucifer/Satan:

      1.  Lucifer, the creation, attempts to convince mankind he is equal with God;  Good, Bad, Yin, Yang; "Positive, Negative") the Concept of Dualism, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to equal power.

      God allows or permits these evil spirits to work because of the choice that a person makes ( 2 Thess 2:9-13 ). Still God is merciful by allowing a certain limit and no farther. In the case of Saul, because of his choice God removed His Spirit from Saul and allowed an evil spirit to come upon him. ( 1 Sam 16:14 )

      The Rise of Atheism

      2.  Lucifer, the creation, attempts to convince mankind he does not exist.

      - Hebrews 11: 6
      6 And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him [God] must believe that He [God] exists and that He [God] rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

      The choice is to believe God, with Faith, or reject God, the automatic choice of anti-God and perdition.