What Do These Headlines Have In Common?



- 2016 - Couple Died in Gatlinburg Hot Tub... 
- 2020 - Man, Woman Found Dead In Hot Tub At Resort... 
- Nov. 3,  2020 - Domestic Deep-State American and Foreign Enemies Steal 2020 Election 
- 2021 - Slow Cooking American  Frogs... Are We Done Yet, Or...?
Slow Cooking American Frogs 
The Democrat Deep-State [Foreign and Domestic] are slow cooking Americans like frogs. They say that if you put a frog in pot of boiling water it will jump right out. But if you warm up the water slowly, it will just stay there until it dies. The frog won't even notice that the water is heating up. It is almost painless. It happens just a little at a time, slowly but surely. The bad news is the democrat agenda can kill you the same way.

Nov 4, 2020 - Man, woman found dead in hot tub at resort town condominium

Apr. 15, 2016 - Police: Couple that died in Gatlinburg hot tub may have drowned

2021 - Domestic Deep-State Peaceful Protests?...