Scientists Will Create Unborn Babies Who are Part Human, Part Animal for Research

But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. - Matthew 24:37 - 

David Prentice, Ph.D./July 8, 2021/ LifeNews/ As we expected, the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) issued its revised guidelines on stem cells and embryo experiments at the end of May 2021, and as expected, the ISSCR recommendations are rife with proposed experiments on young human beings.

The new guidelines discard the 14-day limit on human embryo experiments in favor of no limits whatsoever, and they allow virtually unrestricted manufacture of human-animal chimeras of any type, as well as creation of genetically altered human embryos and lab constructed human embryo “models.” Very little is left in the category of “currently not permitted.”

The ISSCR overreach is telling when bioethicists with widely-divergent views on embryo research ethics label the new recommendation for no limits a “grave omission,” and when well-known supporters of human-embryo research say they are “troubled by the recommendations,” especially removal of the 14-day limit.

The ISSCR’s self-serving guidelines even reminded a senior scientist of a letter written long ago, with currently-applicable sage advice about experiments: “If it is dangerous, or wrong, or both, and if it doesn’t need to be done, we just ought not to do it.” [...]  Read More:


God Bless The Children:

Ohio Abortion Center Reportedly Tossed Dismembered Baby Remains In Dumpster

By Gabe Kaminsky
JULY 9, 2021/TheFederalist/ - A dismembered unborn baby was thrown into a dumpster behind an abortion facility in Ohio in violation of state law, according to an anti-abortion group in the state.

Ohio Right to Life put out a press release Wednesday, describing how it learned an unborn child about 17-weeks gestation was discarded in a dumpster. This action would be in direct violation of S.B. 27, the Unborn Child Dignity Act, signed by Republican Gov. Mike DeWine in December 2020. The law requires the state’s Department of Health to ensure protocol is in place for the cremation or burial of unborn children who die through abortion.

“This child suffered doubly at the hands of the abortion industry: first, by being subjected to a brutal death by dismemberment and second by the degradation of his or her broken body being dumped into the trash like garbage,” said Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonidakis in a statement.  Read More... [...]