BLM Protesting For Three White Guys and Just Like That All Lives Matter!!!

It's a Miracle!!!  Posted on Telegram.


    • Sign of the Times...

      Like the fiery/destructive BLM-Antifa peaceful protests, Alice in Wonderland and Justice:

      Another example of 'You Can't Fix Stupid.'  Stupid is A GLOBAL MARXIST/Democrat and Mainstream Media Doctrine.

      Rittenhouse shot three men, two fatally, in self-defense in August 2020 after a mob chased him down and tried to kill him. All three men have criminal records.

      Kyle Rittenhouse was called to defend property after BLM-Antifa terrorists spent two nights in a row burning businesses in Kenosha in response to an officer-involved shooting of Jacob Blake, an armed black man.

      Rittenhouse shot three white men, but Fake News Media 'The Independent'  falsely claims Kyle Rittenhouse shot Three Black Men. Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all counts on Friday.

      I Thank the LORD for justice and pray for peace upon all mankind to come to the fullness of our eternal creation in Jesus The Christ. Amen.  -Sign of the Times