WHO's Explanation for Calling New Variant 'Omicron'

WHO's Explanation for Calling New Variant 'Omicron' Shows How in the Pocket of China They Are

By Nick Arama | Nov 28, 2021 8:00 AM ET | RedState.com

RedState.com has been reporting on the new COVID variant that the South Africans have identified.

It’s been named the Omicron variant by the World Health Organization (WHO), as we reported. But that had some folks asking why was it named Omicron, appearing to skip both the letters Nu and Xi in the Greek alphabet, which the WHO had been using for naming the variants. The last variant of concern was Mu, so it was expected the next would be Nu. So many were speculating that this skipping was because the WHO was toadying — once again — to their buddies, the Chinese, and they didn’t want to offend Chinese President Xi.
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