People Are Dying...WHO Is The Killer, COVID Or The Vaccine? ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯ ?

People Are Dying, But Not The Ones You Think For The Reasons You Think

By Andrea Widburg -  American Thinker
January 3, 2022

['...vaccination" is, instead, a life-taker, not a life-saver.']

[...a major American insurance company, which is in the business of accurate data about deaths, announces that Americans in the 18–64 age bracket are dying in unprecedented numbers.  The same data suggest that these aren't COVID deaths, which makes them much more sinister.

OneAmerica is a major insurance company located in Indianapolis with annual revenue of around $2 billion and total assets of around $74 billion.  This is not a fly-by-night internet "insurance" company.  OneAmerica is the real deal,]

In other words, more Americans are dying since the vaccine than ever before. That last paragraph may be the beginning of a huge upcoming bolus [medicinal preparation given all at once] of evidence showing that the anti-jabbers were right all along: the injection that rejoices under the misnomer of a "vaccination" is, instead, a life-taker, not a life-saver.
The two years of COVID mismanagement may also mean that myriad other health conditions are causing these deaths.  Those people whose chronic or fatal conditions (e.g., heart disease, cancer) went untreated with lockdowns may finally have succumbed.  We may also be seeing the terrible assault on immune systems, not from jabs, but from depression, economic stress, substance abuse, lack of exercise, lack of sunlight, and lack of human contact.

The one thing that's clear is that the bean-counters whose businesses depend on getting the numbers right are telling us that Americans' health under Dr. Fauci in Year One and the Biden administration (and Fauci) in Year Two has been disastrous.  We can expect Year Three to be equally bad because the same management is in place.  The only thing that will change this trajectory is to throw the bums out, first in the November 2022 election and again in the November 2024 election.  Their mismanagement is killing us.

Why are the vaccinate so concern and worried in fear about the unvaccinated, unless the vaccination doesn't work.
... If I was to visit the Congo in Africa and needed and vaccine for 'Yellow Fever,' I would take it, ...But It Would Also Be My Choice, Not The Government.
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