Have Men Forgotten God?

January 1, 2022
Men Have Forgotten God -
By Andrew W. Coy - American Thinker

"Men Have Forgotten God."


When Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was still a young child growing up in Russia/Soviet Union many of the elder population were asked, why is all this calamity falling upon us?  Why are the authorities limiting our freedoms and choices?  Why are we not allowed our basic human rights?  Why are we starving to death?  Why are the authorities creating a surveillance police state that monitors our every move?  Why are we being sent to the gulags for our disagreement with the authorities?  Why are our churches being shuttered?  Why is religion forbidden? 
All this, according to the elderly Russians, because men had forgotten God.

"Has America Forgotten God?"

When we look at what has happened in our country just these last two short years, we ask...

*  How is it that a disease from a military lab in China has devastated our country and close to one million Americans have died, and yet no one, nor no country has been held accountable?

*  How is it that the military leaders have openly defied the President of the United States and have not been court martialed?

*  How is it that over half of the Americans believe that the presidential election of 2020 was stolen, but yet if it is stated out loud, one risks imprisonment or lawsuits?

*  How is it that the present person occupying the White House can openly ignore the Constitution and federal laws by opening our borders to illegal immigrants, drug cartels, terrorists, and child traffickers... and that occupier of the White House is not impeached?

*  How is it that inflation can rise well over 6% in a 12-month period, and yet we're told it is capitalism's fault, not the error of big oppressive government edicts?

*  How is it that during the Trump administration there were Deep State employees of the federal government who willfully, aggressively, openly, and with no consequences defied the president and federal law? 

*  How is it that we have an FBI/CIA/NSA that openly ignored federal laws and willfully violated the Constitution of the previous administration; and have yet to be held accountable?

*  How is it that on January 6, 2020, mostly peaceful protesters in the City of Washington, demanded a full accounting of broken election laws and probable election theft and because of this, hundreds are still held in a Washington D.C. version of the Gulag without bail and without formal charges filed?  This is something and somewhere that Solzhenitsyn would be very familiar with.

*  How is it that during the summer riots of 2020, when BLM and Antifa were destroying our cities, killing fellow Americans, and destroying millions of dollars in property no one was held accountable?  But if someone tweets, emails, or Facebooks that the present administration is illegitimate; then the FBI shows up on your doorstep with questions about "insurrection?"

Men Have Forgotten God...