Overwhelming Crowd At President Trump's First 2022 'SAVE AMERICA' Rally in Florence, Arizona

On Saturday January 15 President Donald Trump Held His First 2022 'SAVE AMERICA' Rally to An Overwhelming Crowd in Florence, Arizona.

imageAs Reported in RedState.com by Nick Arama;

Trump Was Winning Even Before He Began Speaking at Rally Tonight

By Nick Arama | Jan 15, 2022 11:45 PM ET

President Donald Trump held a rally in Florence, Arizona, tonight. But even before he opened his mouth tonight, he was already winning.

Trump has been trying to set himself up as something of a kingmaker as we go into the midterm elections. That’s already seemingly having a big effect on the various races.
Then there was a GOP gubernatorial candidate challenging the Trump-endorsed gubernatorial candidate in Arizona, where he’s speaking tonight. But Kimberly Yee just backed out of the race hours ago and said that she would run for re-election as state treasurer instead. Kari Lake, a former Phoenix television anchor, is the Trump-endorsed candidate.

Lake was at the Save America rally tonight at the Canyon Moon Ranch in Florence, along with an enormous crowd of Trump supporters. Read More...
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Here is the "Brick-Suit' guy... with Great Videos of the 'Trump Rally' in Florence, AZ.



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President Trump has taken great unprecedented steps before the deep state managed to purloin the presidency to un-president him and destroy America. 
AMERICA NEEDS SAVING and President Trump Will Get It Done!  -Sign of the Times


WATCH: Full President Trump Save America Speech from Florence, AZ 1/15/22 on Rumble.com below. CLICK Link Below: