US_Prison Gulag - "History Teaches Us That Man Learns Nothing From History." ― Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

WHEN in the course of human events...

..., it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands...
[ We hold these truths to be self-evident... ]  -


Reported by -  Andrew W. Coy - WHEN in the course of human events... '...those in power abuse that privilege and their own people to such a degree, then they will at some point be held accountable.  History is clear on this.' 

When in the course of human events has a government, have those with enormous power, have those in complete control, have those with seemingly unlimited authority, have those with dictatorial undemocratic values...

  • Told the citizens that if they are exercising free speech, but that speech challenges the latest election results; then they are insurrectionists.
  • Shut down the entire economy, costing the citizenry lost jobs, lost business, and lost hope. 
  • Shut down schools, denying students a classroom education, the opportunity to see their teachers and mentors, and be with their friends and peers.  Thus, unsurprisingly, teen suicide is on the rise.
  • Demanded that all citizens accept an untested and unproven vaccine, or lose their jobs, their enrollment in college, and their freedom to be outside their own home.
  • Put citizens in D.C. gulags in solitary confinement without official charges being filed against them nor bail being offered to them.
  • Established a J/6 commission that looks more like a Stalinist show trial than an American courtroom.
  • Used the national law enforcement apparatus of the FBI/CIA/NSA as their own private police force against political opponents.   
  • Opened up the borders to illegal immigrants, pedophiles, cartels, and human traffickers in stark violation of the U.S. Constitution. 
  • Shut down churches, worship centers, and synagogues and also threatened the arrest of faithful churchgoers for the worship of God.  Yet, at the same time, they kept liquor stores, needle exchanges, and hemp depositories open.
  • Did not require illegal aliens to be vaccinated and allowed these illegal immigrants to move freely about the country unvaccinated.
  • Have told all Christians, conservatives, and constitutionalists that they are by definition white supremacist and therefore domestic terrorists.
  • Have used the FBI and the attorney general's office to tell all parents that if they disagree with the school board members, that they themselves are domestic terrorists. 
  • Have told parents that government is in charge of your children -- and if you disagree, maybe you should not be entrusted with your own kid's lives. 
  • Mandated an experimental vaccine and forced "the jab" on their own people and told the masses that the "vaccine" is working exactly as we told you it would work, and toshut up and comply.
  • Allowed the mass media, along with Facebook, Twitter, and Google, to censor different opinions from different peoples because their opinions were different than those approved by government.
  • Made doctors, physicians, and nurses into non-persons because their medical opinions differed from those of Biden and Fauci's Ministry of Truth.
  • Given almost dictatorial power to Dr. Fauci when that power was never passed into law by Congress.
  • Stated that it is insurrection to say the election of 2020 was stolen, but that its free speech to say the election of 2022 is going to be stolen.
  • Used censorship, oppression, authoritarianism, and intimidation against political opponents.  The present government and its accomplices are censoring, cancelling, and making non-persons of anyone that refuses to comply.
  • Whose leader, Mr. Biden, has quoted Stalin by saying he does "not care who votes, he only cares who counts the votes."
  • Government media is telling the viewers that there are no empty shelves, no inflation, and no supply-chain issues; as government orders unloaded cargo tankers to move 50 miles offshore so the masses cannot not see their ineptitude. 

...has that government ever been on the right side of history?  With proper credit given to both Thomas Jefferson and now even Aaron Rodgers, when have those in authority who have made such anti-democratic edits ever been correct when history holds them accountable?  As history has held Hitler, Stalin, and Mao accountable for their choices, crimes, and decisions, so history also will eventually hold those in power in the City of Washington accountable for what they have done. .  For their clear violations of constitutional and human rights, they will be judged.  Those in leadership are on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of religious faith, the wrong side of freedom and democracy, and the wrong side of the historical truths of mankind.

"History teaches us that man learns nothing from history."

― Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel