The following list of ‘Words to Know’ has truly come to light in our present day. The darkness has been exposed, giving us an enormous learning curve. Why do boys want to be girls and vice versa?  Why are the burning down of buildings and murdering people called peaceful protests? Why are parents being called terrorists when they go to school boards to speak out against subjects being taught such critical race theory, hatred for your country, how to become transgenders,  and other explicit sexual content?  If you are interested in making sense of the insanity of recent times,  research these words.  I believe they will help shed some light.  

Do your research on a variety of research engines like Duck Duck Go, Brave, or Google and compare them.  All are not equal. Google may have become compromised and is complicit in censoring free speech, only allowing you to see what they want you to see.  I suggest you start with the first 8 on this list, as I believe they give the overview of everything else.  I have given you some idea of how I understand them based on my own research.

I believe we are walking in Biblical times, as we have indeed been forced into a war of good and evil.  I say,  “Fear Not for God hates evil and is always on the side of good!”  Stand Firm!  Stand Strong! Whatever you do - Stand Up!  God Bless!

Operation Mockingbird: the art of disinformation - the CIA learned it from the Nazis in the 1950’s and implemented it gradually into the mainstream media. Today it is fully operational.  In the 90’s, there were about 18 or so entities that owned the various media sites.  Today, all media is owned by 5 or 6 entities.  Guess who?

Operation Paper Clip:  the introduction to the U.S by the CIA. and the testing of psychotic and hallucinogenic drugs on people - implemented more and more over the years.

MK Ultra:  The various methods of mind control and brainwashing implemented over the years.

Gaslighting:  the art of making you think something is wrong with you.  It instills fear, confusion, hatred, anger.

New World Order (NWO):  the entity of a wealthy cabal who are part of a club and are hell-bent on controlling the world by whatever means.  I believe they hire activists such as Antifa and BLM to create chaos. I also believe they are responsible for psy-ops such as school and other mass shootings for the purpose of taking away our 2nd Amendment rights.  They are about 1% of our population today, if that much.

Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 / sustainability: the plan of the NWO to control the world by reducing the population to 500 million and taking all the wealth, rights, and freedom for themselves and making slaves of the rest.

Free Masons / Illuminati/Secret Societies/ Deep State/ Cabal / satanists: some of the tentacles of the New World Order

The Great Reset versus.The Great Awakening:  The name of the plan to control all facets of society, in particular - the economy, is the Great Reset.  The Great Awakening is when people wake up to the Reset plan and realize it is diabolical and say NO! NOT ON MY WATCH!

The U.S as a Corporation - 1871:  In 1871 Congress sold out America and Americans to the charge of the English Banking System and the brains behind them - the Vatican.  America became a corporation, paying taxes to England and the Vatican. D.C. became a foreign country owned by them.

Saul Alinsky’s - Rules for Radicals: book dedicated to Lucifer about how to convert a nation into socialism; embraced by most U.S. political leaders in the current century, except one.   Socialism is the transition stage of a free country to a Marxist/Communist country.



Spirit Cooking

Panda Eyes

Mark of the Beast


The Nuremberg Code

Organ harvesting

Symbols of pedophilia 


Recommended Video:  Out of Shadows; a documentary by Mike Smith who had a 20 year career in Hollywood as a stunt actor.  


23-year-old woman to Tucker:  I regret transitioning as a teen