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      ...cealed, military grade body armor.  Kick Ass Tactical Training:  Kick Ass Body Armor (that no one will know you're we...
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        I am a Pastor committed to discipling Christians to walk faithfully and powerfully with Christ and to help others find a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


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          Comment on "In Their Own Words"

          The people that "think" they are going to destroy America are going to eat their words because they don't really know who they are messing with! They all will be...

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          • A. Clarion Call

            In Their Own Words

            ...ty of America: “The American people will never knowingly America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it...May 21, 1992 "The one thing man fears is the unknown.  W...
            • A. Clarion Call

              What Part of This Bothered You?

              ...oward Trump.  They just didn’t want you to know what they...main stream media. The Bible tells us we can know people are missing the truth;  If you do not know Jesus, th...




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              Strange Brew: (also known as The Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie: A 1983 Canadian comedy with Canuckleheads Bob (Rick Moranis) and Doug McKenzie (Dave Thomas).