Joe Rogan Grills Sanjay Gupta and CNN misinformation about Covid

As Reported by Katie Pavlich -

Rogan contracted the virus in September. He took a number of treatments and quickly recovered from the disease without the vaccine. 

Comedian, UFC analyst and the world's most popular podcaster Joe Rogan recently hosted CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta on is show. 

During the interview, Rogan took Gupta task over CNN anchors repeatedly lying about his use of Ivermectin to treat Wuhan coronavirus. The discussion took place in Rogan's Texas studio and Gupta is seen squirming in his chair as Rogan repeatedly asked him why, as a doctor, he never corrected false claims Ivermectin was only for use as a horse dewormer. 

"Do you think that's a problem that your news network lies. Dude, they lied and said I was taking horse dewormer," Rogan said. "It was prescribed to me by a doctor."

In 2015, Ivermectin won a Nobel Prize and is credited with helping billions of people around the world with a number of infections. From  

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Katie Pavlich

Katie Pavlich