Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller - We Demand Accountability! [Biden/Administration Afghanistan Debacle]

Colonel Scheller "I have been fighting for 17 years,” . “I am willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders: I demand accountability.”

Is Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller the real deal or a QAnon throwback?

By Patrick Luscri

August 31, 2021- -Soon-to-be-former Marine Corps lieutenant colonel Stuart Scheller just threw down the gauntlet.  After criticizing the military powers that be, he's resigning his commission and inviting any and all patriots to join up in his movement to "bring the whole f------ system down."

Sir, my question is this: what system?  The military-industrial complex?  American military wokeness?  The worldwide cabal?

While watching Scheller's video, I felt simultaneously fired up by his words and concerned by his vibe.  After reading one of his Facebook posts, I'm a bit comforted.  Perhaps his stand is the beginning of a real and worthy change.
 It's one thing to recognize that President Biden is responsible for the Afghanistan debacle and the deaths of 13 American service members.  Naturally, all commanders-in-chief are responsible for dead soldiers.

It's another thing entirely to speak cryptically about bringing down systems and writing this on Facebook:

We can’t ALL be wrong. They only have the power because we allow it. Every generation needs a revolution.



Bxf6 is a chess move involving sacrificing a bishop.  By ending his post this way, Scheller is telling "the system" it's their move.  As a chess player, I dig his style.  However, for me to join his movement, I'll need more information.

Still your move, sir.
At the beginning of Trump's presidency, it was tough for an old sailor like me to believe in the Deep State or that it has infected the military.  When I was in, we trusted our president because he served in the military, and under Ronald Reagan, our mission was worthy and clear.  Now, after watching a career politician who escaped service through multiple draft deferments and a medical exemption mangle our disentanglement from Afghanistan — and his suspect military advisers like General Mark Milley — I have little or no trust in military intelligence.

By the way, longtime foreign correspondent and Middle East resident Jennifer Griffin is right on about Afghanistan.  Our involvement there was never an "endless war."  It was maintenance of a strategic foothold in a terrorism hotspot.  If it's truly in our interest to abandon it, any thoughtful student of history and military strategy could have drawn up a better plan of retreat.  The fact that our president and his Cabinet members and generals keep calling it an endless war shows a depth of deceit throughout the chain of command.

Maybe Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is the spark to illuminate genuine corruption in our military.  Only time will tell.  First, he must convince this veteran that he's not just another QAnon oddball trusting in some amorphous and nonexistent plan.

Semper Fi.

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